216 Studio

This is something new for the fall 20 semester. Students in broadcast writing and production courses were asked to create podcasts on topics important to their age group and to the broader college community. The following podcasts are the result.

Infectious Love Podcast

This podcast explores the world of romantic relationships during a global pandemic. Our host, Nicole Fuller, invites two couples to share their ups, downs and challenges in maintaining the love connection during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our student producers are Nicole Fuller, Maxwell Nakashima, Araceli Pons.

Sports Talk: The COVID Episode

In this episode, three students with a passion for sports discuss how the major league sports franchises navigated the COVID-19 crisis. Student producers, Daniel Boyd, Peter Turansick and Nathaniel Schramm, created an interesting conversation about the NBA, the NBA “bubble” and the NFL.

Rural Meets Urban

Producers Matthew Sears and Connor Greene want to add to the conversation about COVID but from their unique urban and rural perspectives. The podcast was recorded during the week when President Donald Trump contracted the COVID-19 virus. Matt and Connor share their thoughts about the global pandemic and its impact on their lives.

COVID and Vermont Skiing Season

Vermont is known for its mountain skiing. And Vermont college students love to visit the slopes whenever they can. But this year is different due to the global pandemic. Student producers Wilson Vickers and Sam Putnam talk about what the ski season will be like for Sugarbush Mountain for the fall 20 season.

Zoom Bombing

So what happens when you have to log on to zoom for a class and then the class gets interrupted by some ‘inappropriate’ content. That is what some educational institutions are experiencing and student producers Anna Ferguson, Miranda Wein and Elliott Berieau share their perspectives on this new phenomenon.

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